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01 what I do


Are you feeling overwhelmed and stressed by the clutter in your home?


I can help you.


Let's turn that daunting job you've been putting off into a fun and rewarding experience together. Whether you're struggling with a chaotic closet, a cluttered kitchen, or a messy office, I have the expertise and passion to transform it into a functional and aesthetically pleasing space. From decluttering and sorting to creating efficient storage solutions, I will guide you every step of the way making sure in the end you feel the weight lilft off your shoulders.


Say goodbye to the chaos and hello to a serene space that will bring you peace.


02 about me



My name is Aida (pronounced eye-duh). I was raised in Cincinnati and have a calling for organizing and most importantly, decluttering. I have always lived a frugal life drawn to minimalism and when people started asking me for tips and complimenting my organization at home I realized I could share these gifts with others. Not to mention, I found a 3rd grade scrapbook assignment where I listed organized as one of my strengths so this stems from my childhood. My goal is for my clients to feel how I feel in my home; relaxed, calm and at peace because it's filled with things I love or need and they all have their place.

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